Terms and Conditions: FXChange App

This app is operated by FXChange Private Limited Singapore (“we” or “us” or “our”) on behalf of itself. Access is provided only in accordance with our App Terms and Conditions. Please read the FXChange App Terms and Conditions carefully before you start to use the App. By using the App, you indicate that you accept the App Terms and Conditions and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to the App Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using the App.

A.    Information about us.
Who we are?
We are FXChange Private Limited Singapore a company registered in Singapore. Our company registration number is 201601813D and our registered address is located at 60 Paya Lebar Road, #10-09, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051.

How to contact us?
You can contact our 24 hour hotline at +65 65898565 or you may send an email to us at customer_service@fxchange.sg

B.    These terms.
What do these terms cover?
These are the Kiosk Terms and Conditions on which we supply Travel Money to you via our Kiosk.

Why should you read them
Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide products and services to you, what to do if there is a problem and other important information. If you have any queries about these terms, please contact us to discuss.

C.    Purchase of Travel Money
Use of the service?
This App ordering service (“Service”) is provided by us. These App Terms and Conditions apply to the Service, which consists of an online ordering facility for foreign currency banknotes (“Travel Money”).
If we cannot accept your order? If we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this in writing and we will reimburse you for your order. This might be because the Travel Money is out of stock, because of unexpected limits on our resources which we could not reasonably plan for, because we have identified an error in the price or description of the Travel Money.

When to pay?
You will be required to pay for the Travel Money at the time of ordering.

Your exchange rate?
The exchange rate we quoted are subject to change. We will use the exchange rate (as set by us) that appears on the ordering screen at the time we receive your order.Provision of information. You must provide all of the requested information in order for us to process your order. We reserve the right to request further information from you at any time to enable us to complete your order, to comply with regulatory requirements or ensure that these App Terms and Conditions have been complied with.

Authenticating your order?
We will use various procedures to authenticate each transaction and we may, at any time and for any reason, decline to process your order or any part of your order.

Confirmation of your order?
By placing an order with us, you confirm that the details contained in your order are correct in all aspects. The system will display a confirmation screen setting out the details of your order. This confirms receipt of your order. A contract between you and us is only formed when we send you a confirmation email that your payment has been accepted. Please print a copy of the confirmation screen for your records and print or store the confirmation email in a safe place, as it will be the only record of your transaction. Please note that pursuant to clause 11 of these Online Terms and Conditions we have a right to cancel your order once the contract has come into existence.

Who can use the Service?
The Service is only available to individuals aged 18 years or over, and who are resident in and accessing the Service from Singapore. The Service may only be used for holiday or business travel and not for speculative, investment or any other purposes. By ordering Travel Money from us, you confirm that you accept the App Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

What currencies are available?
The Service is only available for the currencies listed from time to time on the online ordering screen. Currency availability may also be subject to further monetary limits, currency exchange restrictions and to customers complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to anti-money laundering regulations.
D.   Collection

When you place your order for Travel Money, you will be given the option of choosing your collection location.

Orders for collection

When to collect? When you are purchasing Travel Money online to collect it from one of our locations, we have the right to stipulate the dates that you are able to collect any order (this will vary depending on the currency selected and the collection location). The available dates that you are able to collect the Travel Money are subject to change at our sole discretion and will be shown on the ‘My Order’ page of our Website when you are placing an order.

Who can collect your order and the identification process?  If you choose to place an order for collection, orders can only be collected by the said person who paid for the Travel Money. At the time of collecting the order the said person might need to produce a valid passport, driving license or IC card for identification purposes.  Depending on your order, we reserve the right to ask for further information and identification (such as proof of residential address) in accordance with our anti-money laundering policies. We reserve the right to take a copy of your identification document(s) at the time of collection.

Where to collect your orders from? You can collect your order from our locations listed on the ordering screen. Collection is subject to the opening times of the collection location. Details for the opening times of the collection location will be notified to you at the time of the order and can be obtained on the App. The risk and responsibility for collecting your order before you depart on your travels rests with you. Please remember to allow sufficient time to make your collection before departing on your travels.

Non-collection?  If you fail to collect your order from our nominated locations within 7 days of the collection time then your order will be marked as expired and your order will be cancelled and treated in the same way as a cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance of the collection time as outlined in clause 4.12 below.

Collection of all currencies? The time period between making your order and collecting it for all currencies depends on the specific currency ordered and the collection location selected.

Maximum order value?  Orders for collection are subject to a maximum value of SGD$5,000.00 per person per day.

Minimum order value? There is no minimum order value for orders for collection.

E.    Refund policy

A SGD$5 fee will be incurred upon each refund request. A request can only be sent upon expiration of order and will have to be done within 2 weeks from the expiry date.

F.    Personal Information and Payment Security

Privacy policy? By using the App, you consent to such use and warrant that all information provided by you is accurate.

Our servers? We use secure server software to make our internet transaction secure.

G.   Limiting our Liability

No representation or warranty? All content and services on or available through the App are provided on an “as is" basis and we do not make any representation or give any warranty in respect of the App or its content.

No warranty? We do not give any warranty as to the accuracy, suitability, reliability, completeness, performance, fitness, freedom from viruses or timeliness of the content or services contained on the App.

Use of App? The information services on the App are intended for use by holiday or business travellers or by individuals or companies seeking to make payments abroad in foreign currencies, and should not be used for speculative gain, investment or business purposes.

No reliance? These information services and other content of the App are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We accept no responsibility or liability arising from any reliance placed on such services by any visitor to the Website or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents. In addition, we give no assurances that you will receive the services for which you register.

Our provision of the Service? We use reasonable care and skill in providing the Service. However, we shall not be liable to you for the following: a) any failure by you to provide us with correct information when you place your order b) any failure on the part of the carrier we use to send your order to deliver your order on time c) if we are unable to perform any of our obligations to you due to failure of any technical systems or for any other reasons beyond our reasonable control including, amongst other things, war, terrorism, government action, natural disaster, and industrial dispute e) any loss of information or unauthorised use of data arising as a result of you using encryption systems below our recommended level f) any indirect, or consequential losses, claims or damages suffered by you or incurred from your use or delay or inability to use the App or the Service however caused.

Cap on our liability? Our maximum liability to you in respect of each use of the Service for a Travel Money order shall be to refund the purchase price of that Travel Money order.

Statutory Liability? The disclaimers and limitations of liability in these App Terms and Conditions shall not apply to any damages arising from death or personal injury caused as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees or agents or for fraud.

Unlawful and unenforceable terms? If any provisions of these App Terms and Conditions including any disclaimers and limitations is found to be unlawful or unenforceable then such provisions shall fall away and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. This does not affect your statutory rights.

H.    Our Right to Cancel

We may refuse, withdraw or cancel your Travel Money order at any time for any reason, including: (i) if we reasonably suspect that your Travel Money order has been placed for speculative gain, investment or business purposes; or (ii) if there have been significant fluctuations in the exchange rate market following the placing of your Travel Money order.  If we do cancel your order then we will notify you of this as soon as possible and provide you with a refund for any Travel Money that you paid for but did not receive.

I.     Other Terms

Alteration of Terms? We may, at any time, with immediate effect, in respect of future orders, change, suspend or withdraw the App, the Service and these App Terms and Conditions without notice and without liability to you. If we revise these terms, we will post the revised version on the App. You are expected to check our App Terms and Conditions from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are binding on you. By using the App or the Service or by placing orders after we have changed these terms, you will be accepting the changes.

We are not responsible for delays outside our control? If our supply of the Services is delayed by an event outside our control then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to end the contract and receive a refund for any Services you have paid for but not received.

You need our consent to transfer your rights to someone else? You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these terms to another person if we agree to this in writing.

Nobody else has any rights under this contract? This contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.

If a court finds part of this contract illegal, the rest will continue in force? Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

Even if we delay in enforcing this contract, we can still enforce it later? If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date.

Which law apply to this contract and where you may bring legal proceedings if you are a consumer? These terms are governed by Singapore Law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the Service in the Singapore courts.

How we will use your personal information? We will use the personal information you provide to us: (a) to supply the Travel Money to you; (b) to process your payment for the Travel Money; and (c) if you agreed to this during the order process, to give you information about similar products that we provide, but you may stop receiving this at any time by contacting us. We will only give your personal information to other third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do so.