Introduction to FXChange and FXC Kiosk in Singapore

Welcoming 18.5 million tourists over the past year, tourism in Singapore has become one of the major industries that contribute to the Singaporean economy. Hence, government bodies like the Singapore Tourism Board are constantly encouraging innovation in the tourism space, promoting Singapore’s tourism industry for further growth.

Being the first one ever in South East Asia, FXChange is a Singapore-based fin-tech company licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide automated currency exchange solutions around the island. Today, FXChange has over 80 kiosks operating in major international hotel chains including those under Shangri-La Group, Far East Hospitality, Meritus Hotels, Park Hotel Group, Pan Pacific Group, and Millenium Hotels.

The automated currency exchange machine, also known as the FXC Kiosk, act as a 24-hour money changer located conveniently in the hotel lobby. This solution enables tourists traveling into Singapore to gain access to a secure and convenient platform for currency exchange, not limited by the opening hours and currency availability of a brick-and-mortar, traditional money changer. The FXC Kiosk has a bill receiver technology that is able to recognize any note denomination for up to 16 foreign currencies to be exchanged for Singapore Dollars, as well as to verify the authenticity of each note inserted.

Furthermore, our Hotel partners with FXC Kiosks installed at their lobby are now able to provide FX services to their guests without having to incur additional costs on MAS license application, staff training, and spending extra effort to liaise with external money changers. Hence, the front desk personnel can focus on servicing the hotel guests, being more in-line with the hotel’s core business in providing a tiptop hospitality service.

Going beyond currency exchange services, FXChange constantly drives innovation and refines its core business solutions in providing travel-related services. Since 2019, all kiosks have been enabled to support the sales of attraction tickets for local attractions in Singapore, supported by GlobalTix.

This additional feature provides a convenient and secure platform for travelers in Singapore to browse and purchase attraction e-tickets, instantly sending it to their email address upon purchase via FXC Kiosks.‍

Moving forward, we strive to introduce more features and services on our FXC Kiosks that will continue to revolutionize the tourism and financial technology industry in Singapore. Ad interim, the list of our machines can be found →Here←